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Welcome to I Heart Kobe!

I know that you've come to expect all the best in Clipper coverage from this site, but I've decided to make a change.  Because of all the losing, I'm no longer going to cover the Clippers.  Instead, since the Lakers win more, as of today I am a Lakers fan.  As soon as I can secure the URL, this site will be, and I will be LakerSteve.

It was just too hard being a Clipper fan.  I mean, who wants to remain dedicated to their team, even when they are losing?  A true fan is one who follows the team that has won lots of championships in the past, and is winning NOW.  Plus, I figure as a Laker blogger, I'll have a much broader audience, since everybody in LA loves the Lakers.  Of course there's the problem of how so few of the Laker fans can actually read, or know how to access the interwebs.  But the sheer numbers should more than compensate.

And now I'll have a REAL star to blog about.  Elton Brand is BORING.  I mean, here's a guy who can opt out of his contract if he wants to, but instead he works his ass off to return from injury and rejoin the Clippers, out of some misguided sense of loyalty.  And in the off-season, all he does is produce movies and buy basketball teams for his mom.  YAWN.  

Kobe Bryant - now there's a star!  He just wants to win, baby.  He wants to win so bad, he's willing to destroy the team to do it.  If he can win on Pluto, then he's going to Pluto.  Never a dull moment with Kobe.  Off-season's are chock full of teammates under buses, exciting trips to Colorado, trade demands that are rescinded moments later, and phone interviews with BFF Stephen A. Smith.  Lots to blog about, if you get my meaning.

So welcome again to the new  Because loving the Clippers is hard.  But loving the Lakers - well, any idiot can do that!