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Two Days to the ClipsNation Viewing Party!

I really meant to be promoting this thing a lot more than I have, so I'm a bit shocked that it's only two days away.  Obviously, the whole jury duty thing, what with having to be somewhere and do something like a regular person, has thrown me off my game a bit.

At any rate, in case you have forgotten, here are the details:

The First Ever ClipsNation Viewing Party
Saturday, April 12, 7:00 PM
Yankee Doodles Long Beach
4100 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach

I don't have much of a feel for who is going to be there.  I'm dragging some of my bricks-and-mortar friends along, so I won't be sitting there alone in case none of you cyber-friends show up (and rest assured, we will no longer be cyber-friends if that happens).  

Please let me know in the comments of this post if you're planning on being there.  I know that mp has previously said he was going to attend.  And I think ZhivClip is planning to be there.  And a few others have hinted.  I do have some 'EB Pluribus Unum' T-Shirts to give away - they look pretty cool.  So there's that.

And of course, some of the Clipper Spirit are supposed to be there, though I'm having a hard time believing that's actually going to happen - I guess it's stalking if I follow them to a bar, but not stalking if I invite them.  I should have checked on the definition at the courthouse today.  

I even invited readers of Golden State of Mind to come by - I figure the more the merrier, and besides most of us are rooting for the Warriors over the Nuggets in the playoff race.  It might be run to have some people there for whom the game matters.

So I think it will be fun.  Although the Clippers have had a very disappointing season, this blog and it's readers have had a career year.