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Lakers a lot - Clippers not so many

I really don't want to write about this game.  

Here's the good news:  Elton Brand and Al Thornton, the only healthy Clippers who matter (and of course in Elton's case, he's still far from 100%) scored 23 and 22, shot 19 for 37, and had 17 rebounds.  Brand's 23 and 7 came in only 33 minutes.

Quinton Ross was 2 for 2 in 16 minutes before leaving the game with a leg injury.

The rest of the Clippers shot - ok, I just did a double take, which is hard to represent in the blog format, but imagine me spitting my coffee onto the lap top - 9 for 44.

Of course, most of those guys aren't supposed to be on the floor.  But Cat Mobley and Tim Thomas have two seasons and $31.5M left on their contracts, so I guess you'd like to see a little more than 7 combined points in 64 combined minutes on 3 for 20 combined shooting.  Or am I asking too much?  Here's an idea, coach.  If they suck and they're over 30, don't play them.  It's simple.  It's easy to remember.  You can write it on your clipboard.  Maybe some games they'll play well.  But if you put them in the game, and you feel yourself being pulled toward the court, you know, because of all the sucking, take them out and put in someone under 23 who needs the work.  How will you know for sure that they suck?  Well, there are certain signs you can look for.  Like for instance if Thomas shoots four air balls in a quarter while missing his first nine shots, that's a strong indicator.  That might be a clue.  A tell-tale sign.  A litmus test if you will.

Say it with me... "If they suck and they're over 30, don't play them."