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I'm Off to Mexico

With the end of the regular season and the Clippers in their usual position, a couple of things happen.  Of course we all know that the ClipperWidow once again becomes the ClipperWife.  But this year, like the Clippers themselves, I'll be going on an early vacation.  So I guess, for at least a week, the ClipperWife is the CanyonWidow.

For the next four days, I'll be climbing, rappelling, swimming, jumping and just generally trying to survive in several canyons in north central Mexico.  I probably should know more about where I'm going than I do, but that's not really how I roll.  Nick from Zion Adventure Company told me it's cool, he said I should go, and that's good enough for me.  Nick wouldn't lie to me.

Like I said, I don't know much about the whole thing, but I guess the big showcase canyon, the piece de resistance, if you will, is a canyon called Matacanes.  If you're interested in finding out more, here's a description I found, as well as some photos taken by Chris Brennan, the dean of SoCal canyoneers.

I had grand plans of writing a bunch of posts and scheduling them to appear on a daily basis while I was gone using my new fancy-schmancy scheduler.  But, turns out, that didn't happen.  I'm not entirely sure I'll even make my plane.  That, as it happens, is decidedly NOT how I roll. 

So you'll just have to get through the week without me.  Be strong, my fellow citizens.  It certainly appears that everything is fine with the upgrade to Clips Nation 2.0, and of course you'll have the playoffs to keep you company.  So write your own FanPosts and slap up some FanShots, and I'll be back on Saturday.