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I'm going to try to keep a running log of potential Corey Maggette trades.  By potential, basically I mean someone somewhere thought of it, and it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility.  So for instance I'm not listing Maggette for Josh Howard, because Dallas isn't going to do that deal.

Remember that we're talking about a sign and trade, and that the more Maggette gets in his new contract, the more complex the deal becomes under the Base Year Compensation rules.

This is just an index.  I'll try to give the basics of the idea, where it came from, how it might happen, etc.  I'll also provide links to more detail as appropriate.

  • Maggette for Jose Calderon - This is the Holy Grail of Maggette trades, but it is highly unlikely for a few reasons.  For one thing, Calderon will be in great demand.  For another, the Raptors would rather trade T.J. Ford.  So even if you accept that the Raptors have to trade one of those guys, there are probably 10 teams who would like an upgrade at the point.  That makes 20 permutations, of which Calderon to the Clippers is just one.  The other complicating factor is the BYC rules.  The deal is impossible as a one for one - even if Maggette and Calderon each signed for identical new contracts.  The NBA - where unnecessarily complex salary cap rules happen.  UPDATE 6/04/08 - Toronto has re-iterated their intention to keep Calderon.  This one is not looking good.
  • Maggette for T.J. Ford - I haven't seen this rumor in print or anything, but it's a logical offshoot of the above situation.  If Toronto indeed has an interest in Maggette (and it certainly is a very good fit), then they'll no doubt offer Ford.  And in direct contrast to any Calderon deal, Maggette for Ford is incredibly simple.  They can be swapped straight up, almost regardless of Maggette's new contract (he can sign for up to $10.4M starting, to be specific).  UPDATE 6/04/08 - See above, but Toronto is saying they have 5 or 6 teams interested in Ford.  It's looking more and more like Ford will be moved, and Calderon will remain in Canada.
  • Maggette for Jason Terry - This deal was supposedly done last summer, according to MDsr, before Donald Sterling nixed it.  The deal remains very doable in terms of salary cap rules.  Even if the BYC kicked in, the Clippers could include a little more in salary ($1M to $2M, like Josh Powell or Brevin Knight) and get it done.  Terry's a better fit for the Clippers needs next season.  But he's older, and costs more (though likely not more than a re-signed Maggette).  I'm not sure he's worth $42M over the next 4 years.
  • Maggette for Hedu Turkoglu - Tim Povtak of the Orlando Sentinel linked these two last week .  Basically, Maggette started his career in Orlando and still has a house there.  Turkoglu is the salary they have that would make it work.  The idea that Maggette fits better than Hedo (they need a two, Lewis wants to play the three, Battie will be back to play the four) seems a little dubious since Maggette isn't really a two, and Hedo's a better play maker anyway.  And as good as Hedo is, it doesn't make any sense for the Clippers really, since they're already very deep in the frontcourt, and very shallow in the backcourt.  Would JJ Redick tossed into the deal make it worthwhile?  As it happens, Orlando would have to put in another salary, right in Redick's range, if Corey is to get the raise he wants.  But I still don't see it.
  • Maggette for Michael Redd - Here's what we think we know.  The Bucks are shopping Redd (makes sense) and they need a new starting small forward who can score (since Redd will be gone).  So if that's true, it would seem that Milwaukee might be interested in this deal.  But would the Clippers?  Redd has a max contract, but does not appear to be a max player, at least not in the win column.  It's pretty tough to take that on, although Redd is exactly the type of scoring two the Clippers really need.  Maggette and Cat Mobley for Redd would work under cap rules.  So would Maggette and Tim Thomas.
  • Along the same lines as Maggette for Redd are Maggette for Arenas or Maggette for Davis.  These are highly paid stars, who may or may not be available (either can opt out, Davis is not happy).  Any trade would be a blockbuster, and Maggette could be a major piece.
  • UPDATE 5/25/08 - Maggette for Kirk Hinrich - I haven't seen this specific trade discussed, but Hinrich is on the block, and the Clippers are one of the teams interested, according to Mitch Lawrence in the NY Daily News.   The salaries are a decent fit, and a pretty easy deal to get done - although the Clippers would have to include another body if Maggette's deal is too big and the BYC rules are invoked.  But I don't really see why the Bulls would necessarily want to do it.
  • UPDATE 6/04/08 - Maggette for Mike James, Rasual Butler and two first rounders.  OK, this is total wild blogger speculation.  But New Orleans needs to get to the line more, and Maggette can do that.  On the surface, the Hornets trading two end of the bench guys for a 22 point a game scorer seems very one-sided, but the reality of the Clippers' lack of backcourt depth and lack of shooting means that James and Butler could both help.  More importantly, they are signed for only two seasons, which means basically at worst it's pretty much only a one season mistake.  In 2009, they are super tradeable as expiring contracts, or in 2010 they're gone (with Mobley and Thomas) in time to make a max offer to a free agent like Dwyane Wade.  Does that make it a win-win?  That's too strong a description, but it could actually work out.
  • UPDATE 6/24/08 - Maggette for Leandro Barbosa.  This rumor has made the rounds, most visibly from Chad Ford at ESPN.  Oh, and then Andy Katz said that it's not happening in a subsequent chat.  So take it for what it's worth.  The most common form of this deal has the teams swapping first round picks also, which means the Clippers trade down from 7 to 15.  Seems like a pretty steep price to pay for the 'right' to trade your leading scorer to a team desperate for a starting small forward.  Yes, Barbosa is a better fit for the Clippers roster right now, by virtue of being a guard.  No, Barbosa would not seem to be a good fit with MDsr, who likes a paint-by-numbers approach on offense.


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