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All the News with None of the Paper

It's still a little early to tell for sure, but it appears that Clipper fans desperate for news of the team may have a windfall this offseason.  If you're looking for Clippers information on the dead trees sitting in your driveway each morning, you're still out of luck.  The LA Times has deigned to allow Jonathon Abrams some precious column inches twice since the draft lottery on May 21 - covering each of the first two major days of draft workouts.

The OC Register has been even more stingy with their beloved ink.  Art Thompson III has not gotten into the print edition with a Clippers angle since the lottery.  But, the Register has suddenly discovered these tubes called the interwebs, and Thompson has posted on his blog six times in the past three days, putting yours truly to shame.  The subjects have ranged from DJ Augustin's workout, to Elton Brand's contract status, to a Yaroslav Korolev sighting, and several updates on Shaun Livingston (certainly a pressing issue).

It's an information bonanza for the citizens of ClipsNation.  Thank you, Art Thompson III.  Thank you, Al Gore.