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Now Accepting Nominations

A couple weeks ago I let it slip that I was taking the GRE in preparation for applying to Graduate school.  My application is due July 1, and I intend to include some writing samples from ClipsNation.  Of course, they can go through the entire blog if they like, but I figured it would be wise to single out a handful of things of which I am particularly proud.

Which begs the questions - are there any things I've written here of which I am particularly proud?  The tendency is to drift towards a longer analysis piece like the Maggette-festo or Kaman 2.0.  And yes, I put some time and effort into those, but does that necessarily make them better?  Another approach might be to look for some of the meta posts, things that transcend the minutiae of Clipperdom and might therefore be of more interest to the uninitiated.  Something like the piece I wrote about Buzz Bissinger's recent outbursts (although that one contains some naughty language).

I can certainly come up with a list, but then I thought, why not ask the Citizens?  You're the ones who have to read this stuff.  Do you have favorite posts?  Is there something you recall that sums up the essence of ClipperSteve's prose?  Obviously, there's years worth of stuff out there, and it's not worth your time to go digging through looking for something.  But if you can remember a particularly insightful post from the past, let me know what it was, and I'll send it along to the University of Missouri.