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Well, That Certainly Went Better Than Expected

Seriously, if you'd told me yesterday that the Clippers would come away from this draft with Eric Gordon AND DeAndre Jordan AND Mike Taylor, and only give up a future second rounder to get there, I'd have wondered what you were smoking.

First of all, reports earlier in the day had them possibly giving up a future first rounder to Seattle just to move up so they could be sure and get Gordon.  The deal falls through, and Gordon falls into their laps.  I really like this guy, and I'll have more to say on that tomorrow and following.

Then, DeAndre Jordan, a freakin' lottery pick a week ago, falls all the way to 35!  The only sad thing is that Chris Douglas Roberts was also available there.  I never imagined that both of them would be there, and I would have loved CDR as a Clipper, but it's hard to pass on Jordan.  Have you seen this guy?  He's huge and very athletic.  Sure, he's got some issues, or I suppose he wouldn't have dropped to 35.  But he's got lottery level talent, and everyone knows it.  Maybe the slide into the second round will motivate him to get his act together.  If nothing else, he could be a nice trade asset.

As for Mike Taylor, I heard a lot about him at the Orlando camp.  He's supposedly a freak of an athlete.  Of course, if he was that good, the Clippers could have gone out and called him up from the D-League last season, so it does make you wonder.  But it's a good move to get a young point guard into camp.  He probably won't even make the team (the 55th pick in the draft rarely does), but I like having options, and apparently this kid has really developed a lot since he got kicked off the Iowa State team.

A great draft for the Clippers.  A great draft.