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Clippers Summer League Roster

It's still a few weeks away, and we don't really know who will play and who won't.  But as of now, even in the absence of the still-not-ready Shaun Livingston, the Clippers summer league roster could be very impressive.  How about this for a starting lineup:

PG - Mike Taylor, 2008 second round pick, 55th overall
SG - Eric Gordon, 2008 first round pick, 7th overall
SF - Al Thornton, 2007 first round pick, 14th overall, first team all rookie
PF - Nick Fazekas, 2007 second round pick, 34th overall
C - DeAndre Jordan, 2008 second round pick, 35th overall

In addition to those five, Marcus Williams (2007 2nd rounder, 33rd overall) and Paul Davis (2006 second rounder, 34th overall), could be coming off the bench.

Compare that starting lineup to the team that started for the Clippers last March 21 against the Trailblazers:

PG - Dan Dickau
SG - Quinton Ross
SF - Thornton
PF - Tim Thomas
C - Josh Powell

Which team would you rather watch?  Which team would win more NBA regular season games?