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Here's a Crazy Rumor has the following rumor on their Greek page:

Panathinaikos is very close to agree terms with an NBA legend, a transfer which considers being even bigger name than the one of Dominique Wilkins (204-F-60, college: Georgia Tech) 12 years ago. The player is 32 years of age and has 10 active and productive seasons in the NBA with double digits in points and rebounds., will give its readers more information very soon.

OK, so if we take them at their word, they pretty much have to talking about Antawn Jamison.  He's a 10 year vet, he's 32, he averaged double figures in points and rebounds last season.  No one else drafted in 1998 comes close to fitting the description, and even Jamison isn't really in the same class as Dominique (although Jamison is younger and would still command a huge salary in the NBA).

I can't believe this is true, but Panathinaikos and Olympiacos are both loading up, even more than usual, in their annual battle for Greek league supremacy.  I hope they don't just let this drop.  I can't wait to see what the story is.  Probably Jamison is using it as a ploy to drive up his price, since it's unlikely any teams are going to make him a big offer and he'll be a the mercy of the Wizards at that point.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE 6/30/08:  A couple of things.  First of all, even though this post was hijacked in the comments with a discussion of Clipper point guard targets, I thought I should provide some more information on the Jamison rumor.  The tidbit above is no longer on the EuroBasket site (which is interesting, since generally they just let posts run down the page blog style, but this one was removed).  Instead, they have this post about Panathanaikos:

According to the official Panathinaikos Athens announcement, through its manager Mr. Manos Papadopoulos , there is not any specific target at this stage for the Green team. As he stated to a couple of Greek newspapers Panathinaikos Athens has the best feasible roster, and at the same time the most expensive ones, we do not wait for any messiahs. Whatever is announced from the Media people is a myth! The team has a specific plan and its management together with the Coaching staff has put their plans on table from the very next day of the fifth game against Olympiakos.

I read all of this to mean, "crazy media rumor, no one ever said anything about signing a 32 year old NBA star."  So we can close the book on Jamison to Greece.

Second thing - I PROMISE I'll have a point guard overview in the near future.  The grad school app is due today, and after that it's top of the list.  (Along with Brand and Maggette's ETO's and Livingston's QO which are all due today.)