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Looks Like Fazekas and Williams Will Be Back

The Clippers today gave something to Nick Fazekas and Marcus Williams that they did not give to Shaun Livingston or Paul Davis - a qualifying offer.  Of course, for Fazekas and Williams, it didn't involve a lot of money.  But I am surprised that they did it.  Based on their experience last season (NBDL until the MASH unit Clippers came calling), it didn't seem to be a foregone conclusion that they were going to stick in the big show.  But the QO, if I understand it correctly, is essentially a guaranteed one year offer - they have the minimal right to accept it and become free agents next year.

The Clippers must feel comfortable using them to fill out the roster.  They certainly won't be expensive.  But with the roster in so much flux, I was not necessarily expecting these guys to be two of the givens at this point.

My head's kind of spinning right now.  I need to do a 'Here's the roster right now' post pretty soon.