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Quiet week later

 No news can be good news.

Not a whole lot out there today concerning the Clippers and their potential roster moves.   One week after Elton Brand, aka FElton, and his agent, Dr. Evil (David Falk) left thru the backdoor, the Clippers have yet to address the gaping hole that was created at the power forward position.  No offer sheets have been extended to any of the coveted free agent bigs, (Josh Smith, Emeka Okafor, Andris Biedrins), and no trade has been executed for any of the "rumored to be available" veterans, such as Zach Randolph or Shawn Marion, (though an attmept to acquire Randolph for a 2nd round pick was made, and was thankfully (mercifully) rejected by the New York Knicks.) 

Yesterday brought us much chatter about more possible free agent targets, with the names of Andre Iguodala and Luol Deng being added to the list.   According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, FElton Brand claims that he has been assured by the Sixers that they will match any offer made to Iggy.  But since FEB is currently having irreconcilable differences with the truth, it is quite possible that Andre can indeed be had, maybe even on the cheap.   Who knows?  Coach Mike Dunleavy did suggest that Iguodala is on the short list of players to be considered. 

The New York papers are quite busy today about Dino's summer league debut, with no mention of talks concerning Randloph's future.  This, I will have to count in the good news column.  As I think most of us agree, any trade for Randolph would have to, at the very least, include the Knick's other PF, David Lee, and even then, the Clippers would probably be drawing the short stick. 

Of ancillary interest is this story from the Sac Bee, claiming that the Miami Heat may have interest in the services and antics of Ron Artest.   The story mentions Marion as the bait, and the Heat's willingness to take on the contract of Kenny Thomas.  The Heat also has interest in Monta Ellis, though Golden State is unlikely to part with the only player resembling a PG on their roster.   The point is that, other than cap space, I don't believe that the Clippers have the assets to make a realistic bid for Marion.  Unless Pat Riley decides to forefit this season, and another year of Dwayne Wade's youth waiting for Carlos Boozer to opt out, I don't see the Clippers being able to get Shawn Marion on board.   So I am going to close the door on him, for now anyway.

I expect that the Clippers are busy today deciding which of the RFA's to extend an offer to.  It is a tricky process, to be sure.  It involves picking the player deemed to be the best fit, and the choosing a price not likely to be matched by the players current team.  The money, once offered, can be tied up for up to seven days.  So we may be waiting a while. 

The seven players on my radar as the next possible Clippers are:

Josh Smith, Emeka Okafor, Andre Iguodala, Luol Deng, and Andris Biedrins via free agency, or Zach Randolph, and a very remote chance at David Lee, via trade. 

We all have our opinions as to which of these players is worth adding to the roster.  But rather than debate them here, I will instead use this space, as your humble correspondnet, to help the Nation stay informed.  I will keep my nose and ear firmly attuned to the airwaves, nvaigating the hostile waters of rumor and speculation, to bring you any new developments or news of consquence.