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Just How Lopsided was the Camby Trade?

Did the Clippers just pull off a bigger coup than the Lakers did when they acquired Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies for Kwame Brown and a retired dude?  Maybe.  The Clippers were able to land a bonfide defensive presence in Marcus Camby for either a 2nd rd. pick in 2010, or possibly nothing.  Wow!  Denver fans are understandably upset

The Clippers were not the only team interested, according to The Rocky Mountain News.  The New Jersey Nets also were interested in trading for Marcus Camby...But the Nets, without room under the salary cap, were not able to bid low enough to get him in a salary-cap dump.

"Kiki really wanted Marcus,'' said Camby's agent, Rick Kaplan, referring to New Jersey general manager Kiki Vandeweghe, the general manager in Denver when the Nuggets traded for Camby in June 2002. "But he didn't have enough of nothing to give.'' 

Here in LA, Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy is a very happy man. 

Dunleavy spoke with the Denver media about the trade.  "We sent word to teams over the luxury tax that we could take money off their hands," Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy said.

Dunleavy said Camby, the 2006-07 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, might end up being a "better fit" than Brand. He spoke with Camby on Tuesday.

"It was a shock to him at first, but I think he knows he's a great fit," said Dunleavy, who plans to start Camby alongside incumbent Clippers center Chris Kaman.

He added:  "It's a great acquisition for us.'' Dunleavy...plans to start Camby at power forward alongside Clippers center Chris Kaman.

 "(Camby) really complements our guys. He's one of the best all-around defenders in the league... Marcus is maybe even a better fit for us than Elton. He's coming off a great year, and Elton played just eight games last year (due to injury).''

Meanwhile, Josh Smith is bummed.  The Clippers may have had a real shot at him because he has stated that he doesn't want to play for Hawks if their coach, Mike Woodsen, remains the coach.  

But the Charlotte Bobcats sure are relieved.   They will probably be able to keep Emeka Okafor for a whole lot less than they otherwise would have. 

Elsewhere, and strangely,  teams are reluctant to give James Posey more than a three-year contract, which I really don't understand.   If the Clippers could clear more cap space, I would be in favor of giving Posey his four years. 

And it seems nobody wants to to take on Kenny Thomas's contract to bring in Ron Artest, not even the Knicks.   Kenny's deal expires in 2010.  Surely somebody out there could use Ron-Ron for a year and let Thomas expire before the 2010 bonanza.  Dallas perhaps, for Josh Howard?

Still lots of possibilities.