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The Camby cap situation, in brief

I'll keep this short. The general consensus seems to have it right so let's just put it it out there. Assuming everything written before was accurate, the Camby situation should be pretty simple.

Camby takes about $10M of the $15M set aside for FElton. The quality of this news depends on how Baron Davis' contract was actually structured. It has been widely reported that it is 5yrs/$65M. If that is a flat $13M per, then he goes outside of my original allocation for him. The Clippers are then left with a trivial $2M or so to chase free agents. If, however, the Clippers went with the start small and raise 8% per year style, his first year is only a drop over $11M. The Clippers would then have a more robust $3-$5M to try to attact one more piece.

Unfortunately I believe it still holds that the Clippers must not have their mid-level exemption. They would have to renounce it, as per the original discussion, to have the room under the cap to take on Camby's contract. It is very close though if Davis' contract starts at only $11M. They should have near as much as the MLE. If it starts at $13M, i believe there is basically nothing left.

So from here on out its one small shot, and then veteran's minimums to fill up the squad. Keep those eyes on Summer League.