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Camby Press Conference

Hot off the presses, the Clippers have scheduled their Press Conference to introduce Marcus Camby to the LA media.  It will occur Monday at 3:30. 

So any theories that the Clippers traded for him in order to package him for someone else (or rather, that the absence of a press conference somehow validates these theories) can be put to rest for now.

Sure, the guy was pissed about being traded for air.  Who wouldn't be?  He specifically said that he felt like he was being made a scapegoat for the team's playoff failures.  But I don't think that is any reflection on the Clippers.  I haven't seen any quotes that say that he doesn't want to play here, or that he doesn't like the city.  He liked Denver.  He did a ton of charity work there.  He's mad that he's being shipped out.  But he'll show up to work everyday, and he'll lead the league in blocked shots as a Clipper, just like he does every year.