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Get Ready for a Long August

You citizens probably don't want to hear it, but I'm trying to resist making any big, sweeping posts for the time being.  For one thing, we've still got the Kelenna Azubuike offer sheet up in the air, and we'll know more about that soon enough.  If the Warriors decline to match, then the top nine guys on the team will be pretty much set, with only minimum salary players around them - so it may be time to dig into the roster at that time.  But if the Warriors decide to retain Buike, then the Clips still have $3M to throw around, and the dance continues.

But pretty soon, the music is going to stop, and we're going to have a solid eight weeks or so with no Clipper news.  Kaman in the Olympics.  MBFGC in the Olympics.  That's going to have to tide us over.  And then even that will be over, and there will truly be nothing.  September is the worst.  The WORST.  Last September we were reduced to the drama that was Jared Jordan versus Guillermo Diaz - and neither of those guys even made the team.  (Although this post about Kaman, before he was Kaman 2.0, is kind of interesting.)

But the next eight weeks are going to be excruciatingly slow, especially when compared to the whirlwind of the last four weeks.  The draft, an incredibly busy free agency period, summer league - it's been just incredible.  Too bad they couldn't space these things out a little more across the summer for us. 

So I'm letting the dust settle a little, letting some ideas germinate, and maybe I'll even save a few big ideas for the dog days of August and September.  You certainly haven't heard the last from me on l'affaire Brand, and I'm sure I'll have some thoughts on the now-complete Clipper career of Corey Maggette at some point.

But not yet.  Or else I'll never make it to training camp.