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Quinton Ross versus Marcus Williams

Quinton Ross does not seem to be generating a lot of interest on the free agent market.  I was assuming that he was definitely not an option for the Clippers if the Azubuike offer sheet goes through, but then it occurred to me that Ross could sign a minimum deal with the Clippers if he doesn't get any better offers from any other teams.  But there's not a lot of room left on the roster.

Maybe he'll get a little better offer - I certainly hope he does since he would seem to have been underpaid for the last 4 years, especially as a starter on a playoff team.  But if it comes down to it, and Q were available for the veteran's minimum, would you keep him or Marcus Williams?

Q has been on the team for four years, and while we hope that Williams will be a good wing defender in the NBA, it's hard to imagine he's as good as Q, who is a known quantity there.  On the other hand, although Williams has been far from polished on offense in his limited NBA and Summer League action, Q is also a known quantity on that end.  Williams is of course younger (21 versus 27) and would be a bit cheaper (since Q would get the 4 year veteran's minimum). 

So who would you put on the roster out of those two?  Discuss amongst yourselves.