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Kwame Brown

OK, so I sometimes get more than a little Clipper-centric.  I spend so much time on the Clippers, there's not a lot left over to ponder other NBA issues.  At least not while also remaining a married person. 

My buddy in Detroit sent me an email this morning.  He used to live in LA, and remains a Clipper fan, but now also roots for the Evil Male Children, or whatever the hell it is they call themselves out there in MoTown, the Motor City.  Still reeling from the fact that Tim Thomas is a Clipper lo these two years later, it was almost too much for him to accept Ricky Davis to the Clippers and Kwame Brown to the Pistons on the same day.

Kwame Brown signed with the Pistons, says I to myself.  Hmm.  That's something.

But I just found out he signed for 2 years and $8M.  EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS!  Now I ask you, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 

Is this the same Kwame Brown who played basically not at all for either the Lakers or the Grizzlies last season?  The Kwame Brown that was a contract?  A big, dumb looking, contract, whose hands were  bad even for a contract?  (That's really bad in case you were wondering, since contracts, technically speaking don't even have hands.) 

When the Wizards signed him for 3/$25M at the end of his rookie deal, I found it strange, since he really hadn't done much.  But, you know, potential and all.  When the Lakers exercised their option on him for $9M last year, I found it strange, but you know, what else were they going to do?  Besides, maybe his contract would come in handy in a trade, right?

Does Dumars have his eye on some $4M piece he wants to acquire in February 2010, right around the trade deadline?  Because we've now established that Kwame Brown can be a very effective trade piece in the NBA.  Other than that, I'm not sure what he's bringing.