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Letter to the Times

Dear Los Angeles Times -

Perhaps it is time that you, like the Orange County Register, drop coverage of the Clippers altogether and leave it to AP wire stories.  Jonathan Abrams does a terrific job as your beat writer, but the rest of your publication seems to want the Clippers to simply go away, and is doing everything in its power to facilitate that.  Things like taking Abrams off the road after Jan. 1 last season. 

Meanwhile, after what will likely be remembered as one of the great 10 day periods in Clippers' franchise history (an admittedly short list, but still), the tone of the letters you chose to publish is unceasingly negative.  Why? 

A newspaper clings to a pretense of impartiality.  The facts are reported in a 'fair and balanced' manner.  Of course, when you receive hundreds of letters, but only have the column inches to print three, it presents a unique opportunity to shape opinion, while maintaining the illusion of fairness.  Do you expect us to believe that these three letters - one predicting Baron Davis' downfall, one begging for Elton Brand to be released from a perceived punishment, one dismissing the very idea of Clippers' season tickets - are representative of the letters you received this week?  They're certainly not representative of reality - the Clippers received an immediate boost in season ticket sales upon the announcement of Baron Davis' imminent arrival, so while Mr. Cockerill may want to save his money, which is his prerogative, it is without question a letter that misrepresents overall public sentiment.

Of course, all three are strange choices to say the least.  The Los Angeles Times choose to publish a letter from someone in San Francisco after the Clippers sign Baron Davis?  And that letter was negative in tone?  Knock me over with a feather!  I don't recall any letters from Boston readers last month.  Or letters from residents of Eagle Colorado five years ago, for that matter.  As for Mr. Kageyama's insistence that "Elton Brand is too great a player, and too good a person to have to wear a Clippers uniform for one more game" - Brand is a grown man and a free agent.  He can make his own decisions.  Besides, his decision to opt out of his contract, far from sending a message that "He wants out" is by all indications sending a message that he wants to stay.

Your headline for the letters asks the question, "Is Clippers Curse Lifted?"  By choosing to publish letters written by one Warriors fan and two Lakers fans, you clearly indicate the answer that you wish to be true.

Sincerely, ClipperSteve