Gordon #22 on Thorpe's Rookie 50

Maybe some one can explain this to me.  Eric Gordon was always projected very high in the draft, and he didn't drop significantly.  He's playing on a team that just made a deal with an elite PG, so he doesn't have to worry about making the transition to PG the way that Westbrook does, and his team doesn't need him to step in right away and work miracles, as they have a serviceable veteran SG who can teach him the ropes.  The team also has a strong, established inside presence which should get him lots of openings from outside.  No one has criticized his jumpshot, its mechanics or his ability to get it in the basket--from everything we hear he's strong, he runs and jumps, he hits shots and he tested at the top of the guards for virtually every physical category at the draftcamp. 

So how does he end up at #22 in this projection?  He will be playing on a good team that should win more games than it loses, and he figures to get minutes.  He's not playing out of position.  Maybe he's a little young, maybe he had an injury as a freshman and his team blew up in the middle of the season.  I guess we'll see soon enough.

Is there a place to see last year's rookie results?  I wonder where Thornton started, and where he ended up.  

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