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Posts I Can't Quite Bring Myself to Write at This Point

The Screenplay Post - From the beginning, we've remarked on the intrigue and drama with this situation, even when we thought we understood what was going on.  Now, we've got one of the greatest plot twists of all time (better than that stupid "Charlize Theron has superpowers TOO" thing, that's for sure).  The good guy is really the bad guy!  No way!  Sure, it's as old as Hollywood itself, but the trick is to pull it off when no one sees it coming, and Elton did it.  We always assumed that Brand and Falk were pulling the strings, but we were surprised that Brand would hang his buddy Maggette out to dry.  Turns out, he hung everyone out to dry.  Zhiv, you work in the industry.  How do we option this story?  Can we change all the names and fictionalize it and make it without securing any rights?  I'll get to work on the screenplay, and you can produce.

The Self-Mocking Post - How wrong can one blogger be?  I'm on a bit of a roll right now.  Sam Cassell will NEVER be bought out!  Baron Davis to the Clippers isn't even a possibility!  Elton Brand opting out this summer is the best thing that can happen to the Clippers!   No wonder ClipsNation is setting all kinds of records for page views this month.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Post - The Clippers are a bad organization, so that's why Elton Brand doesn't want to play for them.  Need proof that the Clippers are a bad organization?  Well, Elton Brand doesn't want to play for them.  There you go.  Simple.

The Donald Sterling Post - Donald Sterling spent the first two decades that he owned the Clippers spending the absolute minimum that he could without actually violating league rules.  He had the worst attendance in the league in the Sports Arena, but he didn't seem to care, as his 'buy and hold' mentality carried him through, and the franchise itself continued to appreciate in value.  Then he moved into Staples, started to make a little money, and decided, for whatever reason, to try spending some of his money.  And what did it get him?  One trip to the second round followed by a series of catastrophic injuries and a betrayal by the one player everyone thought was above that sort of thing.  The Clipper Wife thinks it's all karma.  Sterling, although he began to spend money, remains as asshole.  Before, he saved his money and didn't bother to pretend he was anything else.  He's now opened his wallet (to the players of the NBA, if not to the homeless of LA), but the universe isn't fooled. 


There are other directions I could go.  Unfortunately, my head is spinning, and I'm in no place to give anything the usual ClipperSteve, 3000 word focus.  Not right now anyway.