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"Falked Again"

Adrian Wojnarowski has a fascinating take on David Falk's role in all of this.  Hat tip to Citizen Clip Show who posted it (someone else may have found it first, but I'm having trouble keeping up with everything).

In the screen play, you could make Elton Brand an innocent pawn of the manipulative Falk.  But it strains credulity.  Is Falk a Svengali?  Is Elton Brand hypnotized Why does he have such sway over Brand?  Let's say Falk doesn't relay the Clippers' final offer to Brand as has been reported.  Once Brand found out about the deception, why would Falk still be his agent?  Maybe the damage has been done, maybe a contract has been signed.  But David Falk is an employee of Elton Brand.  Brand can get another agent.  If this is all about Falk taking his vengeance on the Clippers, it makes Brand out to be a complete idiot - sitting at the dinner table, nodding his head and occasionally drooling as Falk tells him a series of lies.  Do any of us believe that Brand is a complete idiot?

Short of an announcement in the near future that Brand has retained new representation, the idea that Falk is the only villain in this piece is simply not credible.

Of course, in the screenplay it wouldn't play out that way.  As the truth slowly dawns on our slow-witted but ultimately honorable hero, he becomes distraught.  His reputation as an honorable man is lost.  On necessary trips back to LA (he stills has real estate and business dealings here, after all, not to mention one road trip a season) he realizes just how despised he has become among people who once held him in the highest regard.  He becomes depressed, develops a drinking problem, and ultimately kills himself.

No, too melodramatic.  I'll keep working on it.