Setting the record straight from Yours Truly, Taylor

After reading the wide variety of posts, both positive and negative, on this site as well as others....I've decided that it has become necessary for me to set the record straight... 
My name is Taylor and I have been a member of the wonderful Clippers Spirit Dance Team for the past four seasons. I did re-audition for a fifth season with the Clippers and made it to the finals, but was ultimately not asked to return. Yes, the dance team directorship has changed and unfortunately, I was not a part of the new guard. Sometimes, that happens and I will not pretend that I wasn't sad and disappointed. I absolutely was and still am sad. I wish the new team all the best. 

In response to the comments regarding my auditioning for the Laker Girls...Yes, I did audition for the Laker Girls. Their auditions were the day after I found out I was not accepted back with the Clippers and believe me, it was a tough, extremely last minute decision. I wanted to dance for another season and since it wasn't going to be with the Clips, I may as well give the Lakers a shot. I will not be a Laker Girl this season. 

I just wanted to let anyone who's posted on this topic know and understand that I did re-audition and I absolutely did not go "1/2 speed." If I didn't really want another season with the Clips, I wouldn't have auditioned at all. I auditioned my best and the rest just happened. If I had planned to try out for the Lakers all along, I would not have auditioned for the Clippers...we had our auditions first. 

I will be attending games this season and hope to connect with all the great Clippers fans whom I consider a part of my extended family. I had four memorable years with the Clips and I'm thankful for every one of them. Hope to see you all at a game! 

Go Clips! 


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