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Kaman uber alles

Germany vs. Angola, and Kaman is looking sharp.  Watching it on  Kaman is 8-10 in the first half, with 17 points.  Dirk has 17 as well, hitting 3s, and after a close first quarter the Germans have opened up a 20 point lead.  Angola looked to be capable of hitting shots and making plays, and they have scored a few buckets in the paint as well.  They seem somewhat undersized against the German 7 footers, but they have decent athleticism and bulk.  The things that are killing them are Kaman's dervish-like moves in the post, which they seem to be completely bewildering them, along with Dirk's marksmanship.  Kaman is doing a really nice job of going into his move as soon as he gets the ball, and the Angola defenders seem to be routinely going for the first fake.  Combine that with their lack of size, and Kaman is having a field day.  If only it were this easy in the NBA.  But Kaman is looking good and fun to watch as always.

Consider this a thread to share any observations and thoughts on Chris Kaman's Olympic dream.