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A Tiny Bit More on Jason Williams

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So, I guess Jason Williams just wasn't feeling it.  He wasn't as into the Clippers as the Clippers were into him.  Or something.

Lisa Dillman (is she the Times new beat writer?  I'll introduce myself and see if I can find out) has a story with a couple of MDsr quotes.  It was a surprise to the Clippers.  Apparently it was a surprise to JThrill's agent.  And so far no comments from either Williams or his agent.

Oh, and can anyone explain this MDsr quote to me:  "He's from West Virginia.  He could be like Brett Favre. And a month from now he could want to play again."  What does West Virginia have to do with anything?  Brett Favre is from Mississippi.  Is that just a gratuitous jab at backward West Virginia folks?  They marry their cousins, and they suddenly retire before training camp?  Not that I'm against gratuitous West Virginia insults, but I'm not seeing the connection to Brett Favre, nor the relevance to, say, anything.

Anyhoo, if anybody was harboring fantasies of the Clippers somehow orchestrating this retirement in order to open a roster spot for a still unsigned 6'7" 23 year old point guard, well, that's not how it went down.  I suppose it could still end up being serendipitous if the Wolves pass on Shaun Livingston, as the Blazers and (apparently?) the Heat have (hat tips to Canis Hoopus on the links).  But Williams' retirement was his decision, and is in no way an indication that the Clippers are actively making room for someone else.

I have to say, I'm disappointed that Williams won't be on the team.  I've always been a fan of White Chocolate.  If nothing else, we've discussed the relative dearth of decent passers on the Clippers over the years, and the guy can pass the rock.  Who knows how much he had left in the tank (perhaps not much based on this), but I was looking forward to having him as the backup point.  And I'm pretty lukewarm on the prospect of more Jason Hart - so here's hoping that Mike Taylor can play.

Or maybe there's someone else out there?  Hmm.  Let's see.  Who is still available?