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  • From time to time, I end up writing a post for another blog.  It's an interesting process for me.  I have to step back and write for an audience that hasn't been involved in the conversation before, that probably doesn't live and die with the Clippers.  It helps get me out of the weeds a little, and to give me a little perspective.  This year during the season, I'm planning to write a weekly Clippers recap post for Socal Sports Hub.  But prior to the start of the season, they asked me to do a summer recap.  You guys pretty much all know what it says, but you're welcome to go read it.
  • There's a new 'blog about the blog' blog on SBNation called Blog Huddle.  Here's the expository post.  Mostly it seems like it's going to be used to promote media mentions for SBNation blogs.  However, it could get pretty useful and interesting when they start posting tips and tricks.  They're updating this blogging platform almost every week, and it does a lot of things we don't fully exploit yet. 
  • Speaking of new features, SBNation's blogs have been accepted into the Yahoo! Buzz program.  Now, I'm not a big proponent of the 'recommendation-y' stuff on Web 2.0 - I kind of just write my stuff and hope someone reads it.  But I guess it would behoove me, in some way, to have people click on some Buzz button or other, at which point ClipsNation posts will become featured on Yahoo!  I think they do it with lasers.  Having said that, this particular post does NOT have the Buzz button on it, because I have to submit it for distribution into Yahoo! and Google News and it's just not appropriate on this sort of 'housekeeping' post.  But for an example you can see the Buzz button on my Team USA post.  When you see that button, assuming you like the post, you can click on it to get ClipperSteve's wisdom more widely disseminated.