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Chicago 95 - Clippers 75

Final - 1.28.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Chicago Bulls 24 23 26 22 95
Los Angeles Clippers 19 25 9 22 75

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The Clippers were terrible tonight. Absolutely terrible. Everyone is going to talk and write about how they were terrible in the third quarter, but the truth of the matter is they were terrible throughout. They were just particularly terrible in the third quarter.

It is disconcerting in the extreme that this team has looked it's worst this season when Baron Davis has been on the floor. They've looked good at times with Baron as well, that much is true. But the $11M Clippers NEVER looked as bad as this team tonight. Or the team that started the season losing 7 straight. Or the team that lost to Golden State in November.

If I had some theory as to why they have played their worst with Baron on the floor, I'd share it with you. I have no such theory. It's just a statement of fact.

But in the case of this particular game, it's hard to blame Baron alone. This was a group effort. Here is the complete list of Clippers who had a good game tonight:

Here is the complete list of Clippers who had a better than horrible game tonight:

  • Ricky Davis
  • Fred Jones

And I'm grading them on a curve. Everyone else was excruciatingly bad.

Now, you might look at DeAndre Jordan and say, "Hey, DJ was 4 for 4 with 6 rebounds, that's not too bad." Well, the Clippers were outrebounded 52-33 and gave up 15 offensive rebounds. DJ's first job is to rebound - he didn't do that. Jordan, Skinner, Camby - no excuses for letting Chicago own the glass.

Eric Gordon had his worst game in a month. He looked lost out there. He missed one layup absolutely all by himself, missed another follow shot, and airballed a three. He had 6 turnovers. He fouled Ben Gordon shooting a three (which was eerily familiar). He managed to finish with a team leading 19 points, but don't be fooled. he was terrible.

Al Thornton, 5 for 17. Baron Davis, 1 for 10. Steve Novak, 1 for 8. I just got through posting about how great Novak is, how I'm shocked when he actually misses a shot. Well, he was giving me shock therapy tonight. It was just one of those nights for Novak - I was watching him shoot at halftime, and he couldn't even make a thing warming up.

This is a very bad way to close a home stand and head out on a 7 game trip. Maybe everyone just had a bad game on the same day. But why do they always have a bad game when they're playing with Baron? Coincidence?

Friday in Cleveland. The Cavs are 21-0 at home and the Clippers are 10-35 overall. This could be ugly. I mean, uglier.