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Something is Definitely Up

With the unexpected news that the Clippers have waived Paul Davis and Fred Jones today, something is definitely in the works.  It could be something small, or it could be something big.  But the simple fact of the matter is that a team is required by the NBA to suit up 8 players for a game.  With Kaman, Randolph, Taylor, Baron Davis and Ricky Davis all definitely out for tomorrow night in Dallas, the Clippers would have to put a uniform on Jason Hart just to meet the minimum requirement.  Of course, that still leaves them with two healthy guards on the roster - Eric Gordon and Mardy Collins.  So waiving Davis (who played only 4 minutes yesterday despite being one of the 8 healthy players on the roster) and Jones (who had the misfortune and bad timing of spraining his foot while on a non-guaranteed contract) is likely just making room for some D-League call-ups.  I highly doubt that it's a coincidence that today is the first day that teams can sign players to 10-day contracts.  Before tomorrow night's game, there will probably be two new guards on the team - a couple of guys you've probably barely heard of.  Or maybe it will be done before I finish this post.

Of course, it could be something bigger in the works, with the Clippers clearing roster spots to make room for bodies arriving in a trade.  The New York rumor mill has the Clippers just salivating to send Marcus Camby to the Knicks for nothing.  The Knicks front office has proven to be pretty leaky in the past, so maybe there's something to it.  But the deal that Isola reported (with the Clippers losing Camby and getting Quenton Richardson) wouldn't require an additional roster spot, so if Camby is indeed in play, and today's roster moves are related to an impending deal, the Clippers must be receiving several bodies in return.

Which would raise an even more interesting scenario in Dallas - imagine if a Camby deal goes down, and the Clippers have to play the Mavs without him,  leaving essentially 6 healthy players.  Hart may or may not be able to go, and would certainly be compelled to put on a uniform at least.  We might even see Mike Taylor on the active list, sitting on the bench in his road reds, with a cast on his hand.

UPDATE:  As I suspected might happen, before I've even finished with this post, there's another development.  The Clippers acquired Cheik Samb for a future second rounder.  Which makes no sense at all.  It could fit in as an isolated move along with the waiving of Paul Davis.  Clearly MDsr has given up on Davis2, and maybe he saw a guy he thought could develop down the road and decided to grab him.  More likely this signals that the Camby trade is a reality.  I just don't see making a move for a center if you've got Camby and Skinner and Jordan as 3 of your 8 healthy players.  But if Camby is on the move, maybe you do want another 7 footer.  Bear in mind that MDsr has always had a penchant for keeping project centers around, going back to Boniface N'Dong and Josh Moore.