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NBA Blogger Previews - Southwest Division

Continuing with the NBA Blogger Preview series, the Southwest Division is now complete. Obviously, this group has a more direct bearing on the Clippers than the Atlantic Division, since these guys are going to be fighting for the eight Western Conference playoff spots. The Clippers need to hope that the Rockets really miss Yao (they will), and that the Grizzlies don't improve with Iverson and Randolph (they won't, not enough anyway). Last season four of these teams made the playoffs.

Here's the full list of the Southwest Division previews.

Dallas Mavericks

Mavs Moneyball | The Two Man Game | NBA Mate

Houston Rockets

The Dream Shake | Ballerblogger

Memphis Grizzlies

3 Shades of Blue

New Orleans Hornets

At The Hive | Hornets Hype

San Antonio Spurs

Pounding The Rock | Project Spurs

Bonus Links

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