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Clippers @ San Antonio (Pre-Season) - Open Thread

OK, I'm starting to get into a little better rhythm hear. I'm actually remembering to post a Game Thread, so that's good. There's no TV on this one - just the radio on AM 980, KFWB. Start time is 5:30.

There's not much point in analyzing the Spurs a lot. It's pre-season, and Popovich barely cares about the regular season. The Spurs are all about the playoffs. Obviously they've added some major pieces this off-season - Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess, and second round pick DeJuan Blair has been tearing up the pre-season. But don't kid yourselves - as always the Spurs will be all about Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Who knows if any of those guys will actually play in this game.

For the Clippers, it's a chance to see if they can play well away from home.