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Day Four of Training Camp - Really Quick Thoughts

I've got about 10 minutes.  I'll try to get you some info, and will give you some more details tonight.

Keep an eye on the You Tube channel for the Clippers - you can see MDsr's comments there when they are posted, which should be pretty soon.

Still no Blake Superior, and he's officially a scratch for Sunday's game in Oakland, for any of you fans up there.

We got to see more of the Blue vs. White scrimmage today, which was good. 

The White team consisted of Kaman, Jordan, Novak, Collins, Gordon, Roberson and Thornton (although Al did not play while I was watching).  Blue was the rest of the healthy guys, but as with Thornton, Camby wasn't playing when I was watching.  It's a combination of wanting to see some other guys, and letting them rest a little.  Neither of them are hurt.

White won, mostly on the inside strength of DJ and Kaman.  That's when I noticed that Camby wasn't out there - when I saw Craig Smith giving away like 6 inches to DJ.  Skinner and Smith just couldn't hang with the bigs on the white team.

Jordan looked great, by the way.  Not that he made a single move, but when he's active on both ends, he's just a force.  He was rebounding, blocking shots and just making things happen.  MDsr once again heaped praise on him in his comments as well.

Baron looked good for blue, penetrating and getting to the rim almost any time he wanted to.  Unfortunately for him, either DJ or Kaman was usually waiting there.

EJ ran the point some for white while we were watching, which was interesting.  Even when he and Mardy were on the floor together, EJ handled the ball some.  Check out MDsr's comments on the question of EJ at the one when the video is posted.  It's something they're working on, still considering.

After practice broke up, Baron stayed and went through shooting drills with John Lucas.  And Lucas was working him too.  Baron is putting in the time, that much is evident.

Griffin, although he's being held out of contact, is able to work out and to shoot.  Like Baron, he was shooting for a long time after practice.  Fred Vinson has his mechanics looking much better.  In that sense, it's not as if Griffin is missing crucial time right now.  We know he's in phenomenal shape so that's not a problem, and yes, we'd like to have him working on the sets and defensive rotations with his teammates, but he's watching and listening on all of that, and his hoops IQ is very high, so he'll pick that up.  And if he is getting his shooting practice in, then he's moving forward in his development.