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NBA Blogger Previews - Atlantic Division

For the fourth consecutive year (which is like a century in blog years), CelticsBlog has organized a series of team previews written by NBA bloggers. This particular tradition has some special meaning for me. Clips Nation was launched in September of 2006, and my Clippers preview appeared as part of this series that October. Nothing like a link from CelticsBlog to drive a little traffic to your infant blog.

The preview series has grown a bit since then - for instance, there are eight separate blogs represented for the Celtics alone (crazy Celtic fans).

The Pacific Division always wraps up the series (probably a Celtics-Lakers thing, I don't know), so you're going to have to wait a while for my contribution, which is scheduled for Oct. 27, first game of the season.

The Atlantic Division previews are now complete. Here are the links:

Boston Celtics

CelticsBlog | LOY's Place | Celtics17 | Red's Army | Hoops Addict | Celtics Central | Celtics Hub | Gino's Jungle

New Jersey Nets

Slippery When Nets | Barkley's Mouth

New York Knicks

Posting and Toasting | Bandwagon Knick

Philadelphia 76ers

Liberty Ballers

Toronto Raptors | Hoops Addict

Bonus Links

See full schedule here | Also see SBNation preview storystream