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Old Clippers in New Uniforms

Let me start by saying that this list won't be comprehensive.  I saw Dan Dickau's name in a Suns' box score, wanted to mention it, and then decided I should expand it to talk about other guys that are out there.  But NBA careers can be long, and the Clippers roster has had a LOT of turnover lately, so I'm sure I'll miss lots of former Clippers.  Feel free to add them in the comments.

I'm also not going to worry too much about high profile players, and guys who are with the same team this season as last season.  Everyone knows where Elton Brand is.  Everyone knows where Zach Randolph is.  Almost everyone knows where Eddie House and Josh Powell are (in Boston and LA respectively, polishing their rings). 

Recent Clippers not in the NBA

Cheikh Samb last week signed a one month contract with Real Madrid (what's a one month contract?)  Samb had a couple 10 day contracts with the Knicks after he left LA last year, and also played on NYK's summer league team.

Alex Acker and Fred Jones are also in Europe; both signed with Italian teams.  Acker also played for the Knicks this summer.  Luke Jackson will join them for espresso from time to time (Jackson and Jones were of course teammates at Oregon).

Jason Hart and Brevin Knight, as far as I know, are free agents, waiting by the phone.  So yeah, we could see one of those guys later this season on a 10 day contract when every conceivable point guard on the roster is inevitably injured.  Darius Miles is also currently unemployed.

Nick Fazekas is playing for Dijon in France, eating lots of that spicey mustard.  Fazeek, c'est chic!  He played for the Celtics in summer league.

Yaroslav Korolev is still with Dynamo Moscow, as far as I know, but I'm not one hundred percent certain.

Recent Clippers on pre-season rosters

Dan Dickau got an invite from the Suns and is playing on a make-good contract.  It would appear that he has a decent chance of making the team, depending on exactly how cheap Robert Sarver is feeling in a couple of weeks.  By my count, the Suns have 12 guaranteed contracts, plus Taylor Griffin, Dickau and Carlos Powell.  Griffin is a virtual lock for a roster spot, and Powell has very little chance.  But the Suns are still unsure about Goran Dragic at the point, and they've never liked Leandro Barbosa there as he's really a shooting guard.  So Dickau may be their veteran insurance policy behind Steve Nash.  Given that they were both dominant WCC point guards it would be interesting if Dickau ended up playing behind Nash.

Mike Taylor is playing with the Grizzlies in pre-season, but I'm having trouble figure out what his contract situation is.  There was a rumor at one point that he had signed, but then it was denied, and I never saw anything definitive.  HoopsHype doesn't even show him on their salary list.  He's definitely there - he appeared in their first pre-season game.  I would highly doubt that he has a guaranteed contract, and it's hard to say what his chances might be of making the team.  It seems like a bad fit - with Mike Conley and Marcus Williams on the roster, with their one-time "point guard of the future" O.J. Mayo there, and with Allen Iverson already cast in the "undersized shooting guard sometimes posing as a point guard" role, I don't see a spot for Taylor on that roster.

Paul Davis got invited to camp with the Washington Wizards.  He has exactly zero chance of making the roster.

There's an interesting situation for former Clippers going on in Dallas.  There are three former Clippers, all with what I believe are at least partially guaranteed deals.  However, it also appears that Dallas has at least 16 players with guaranteed contracts, so something's gotta give.  Tim Thomas, in case you missed it, was waived by Chicago and then signed to a minimum deal with Dallas.  He has since had minor knee surgery.  Quinton Ross and James Singleton are both on the Mavs roster as well. 

Mikki Moore continues to defy the odds and hang around the league.  The proud owner of a vet's minimum contract from Golden State, the Warriors will be his 10th NBA team in his 12th NBA season. (The NBA record is 12 teams, held by Chucky Brown, Tony Massenburg and Jim Jackson.)

Marcus Williams (the other one, the small forward, former Clipper) has an unguaranteed contract in San Antonio.  The Spurs appear to have 13 guaranteed contracts, so it may come down to Williams and Malik Hairston for a 14th spot, depending on how many players the Spurs decide to carry.

Will Conroy is in camp with the Rockets, but doesn't appear to have much chance of making the roster.