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Indiana 86 - Clippers 73 - Thank Goodness I Couldn't Watch

So I'm in Mexico and my League Pass Broadband doesn't work here.  So I couldn't watch this game. 

Looks like I really dodged a bullet there.

When I first looked at the box score, it was halftime and the Clippers were up seven.  They had made exactly one third of their shots, while Indiana had made about 30%.

The Clippers held onto the lead through the end of the third quarter (which ended on Marcus Camby three).  The Pacers opened the fourth with a 10-2 run on their way to a 31-14 quarter and an easy win.  All of this without leading scorer Danny Granger.

I can't say for sure, but the box score evidence suggests that the Clippers were done in by some epicly bad showings from some of their starters.  Al Thornton who had been playing so well was 2 for 15.  Chris Kaman had by far his worst game of the season with 10 points on 3 for 19 shooting.  Rasual Butler was merely 3 shots - the only 3 he took.  That's 5 for 37 - 13.5%.  That's truly brutal.  The wonder is that they were still in this game with five minutes to go.

Eric Gordon decided to lace them up and played 27 minutes.  He was minus 22 in that time.

I feel sorry for Citizen ClipperAlex who volunteered to write a recap of this one.