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Chris Kaman's Shooting Slump

Chris Kaman started the season on fire.  All of his scoring numbers were far above his career averages, and most were at all time career highs. 

After consecutive shooting games in which he couldn't make anything, he's now shooting .487 on the season.  His career shooting percentage is .488.  That's right... the erstwhile Kaman 3.0 is now shooting worse than his career average.

After making at least half of his shots in nine of the first eleven games this season, he has now gone five straight without doing so.  Ten days ago, before the New Orleans game, he was shooting .552 on the season, among the league leaders.  Just four days ago, he was still shooting .531.  But after going a combined, 9 for 39 since then, he's gone from the top 20 in the league in shooting percentage to his lackluster career norm in just two games.  Actually, the slump is even more intense than 9 for 39.  If you consider that he was 1 for 8 in the second half against Minnesota, he's actually 4 for his last 27.  Wow.

I didn't watch the Indiana game, so I don't know what kind of shots he took in that one.  In the second half against Minnesota he was taking the same shots he's made all season - they just didn't go in.  He said much the same thing after the Pacers game.  Which begs the question: will those shots start falling again?  Which was the anomaly,  the first eleven games where he was making shots he often misses, or the last game and a half where he missed everything?