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When Was the Last Time the Clippers....

...had a huge come-from-behind victory?  We've seen the Clippers lose big leads plenty of times.  Last season against Cleveland and this season against Toronto come immediately to mind.  We've seen the Clippers finish games on the wrong end of scoreless runs as well.  As for wins, we've had some nice ones, even in these last couple of lost seasons - the home win against Boston last year, the Denver win this year.

But when was the last time the Clippers came from behind late in the game, erased a big deficit and closed the game on a double digit scoring run as they did today against Memphis?

The last such game I remember was back in April 2006 during the playoff run against the team's erstwhile punching bag the Nuggets.  Trailing by 20 at intermission, the Clippers came out of the locker room at half time a different team and won the game by two.  But a 22 point swing pales in comparison to a 22-0 run in the final 5 something.

Can anyone think of other come from behind wins that would rival this one?

Watching the highlights, I can see that the crowd was sky high during the comeback.  Entire season's can turn on games like this one.

By the way, if you're looking for positive signs on the season how about this.  It goes without saying that Eric Gordon and his 29 points were huge in this game.  With Gordon in the lineup this season, the Clippers are 5 and 5 and they've won 4 straight with him in the starting lineup.

As it happens, Houston comes to town next, and the Rockets are currently a game and a half ahead of the Clippers in the West.  A win on Wednesday would put the Clippers right back in the playoff picture, with Blake Griffin's rookie debut on the near horizon.