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Gordon Misses Clippers Practice - Game Time Decision for Rockets

When I got back from Mexico one of the first things I did was watch the last quarter of the Memphis game.  That was fun.

But amidst the excitement was a distressing image - Eric Gordon leaving the game with a minute remaining and trying to work out a leg issue with trainer Jasen Powell.  I had of course read a couple of references to the situation in the comments here on the blog, most of which seemed to downplay it.  But what I saw didn't look good.  Contrary to what Milph said when he first left the game, it didn't look to me like a cramp.  He looked like something was nagging at him - a cramp is a very different thing.  I worried when I saw it that perhaps the groin injury wasn't fully healed.

Today from Playa Vista comes word that Gordon has a sore left hamstring.  He skipped practice and is being called a game time decision for tomorrow night against Houston.  It doesn't seem like a super serious injury - it's being called 'sore' (as opposed to 'pulled') and they're using words like 'mild', and it's not like we saw him clutching at it as might happen with a severely pulled muscle.  But hamstrings have a way of lingering as well.  It helps that he's only 20 - I myself am still feeling the effects of a slightly pulled hamstring suffered in 1997.  But his body will recover a little more quickly than mine.

We've referenced many times how important Gordon is to this team.  Hopefully he won't be limited by this injury just as the Clippers are beginning to build a little momentum.