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Clippers @ Phoenix - Open Thread

2008/2009 NBA Regular Season
US Airways Center
February 17th, 2009, 6:00 PM
FSN Prime Ticket, 710 AM
Probable starters:
Baron Davis PG Steve Nash
Eric Gordon SG Leandro Barbosa
Al Thornton SF Grant Hill
Zach Randolph PF Amare Stoudemire
Brian Skinner C Shaquille O'Neal

Trivia Time - Alex Acker from my Alma Mater Pepperdine joined the Clippers on Monday. How many Waves have played for the franchise? Can you name any?

Answer - Prior to Acker, at least five Waves have played for either the Clippers or the Braves (there could be more, but I don't think so). They are Bird Averitt, Doug Christie, Grant Gondrezick, Dwayne Polee and Eric White. Believe it or not, I watched each and every one of them play in college - my dad was a professor at Pepperdine, and I watched Averitt a couple of times on the old LA campus when I was 7 or 8. Averitt played for the Braves - the others all played for the Clippers. Averitt was something of a star in the ABA after leading the NCAA in scoring his senior year. He was with the Kentucky Colonels at the time of the merger, and was selected by the Braves in the dispersal draft. He played two seasons in the NBA. Funny thing is, I was watching Semi-Pro with ClipperMax the other day, and he was trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't in the story of the ABA. I explained that there was a merger, but there wasn't a Jackie Moon or even a Flint Tropics. And we talked about the dispersal draft. In another tangent, Polee's son, Dwayne Jr. is now a sophomore at Westchester High and has already committed to play at USC.