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Only Former Clippers Were Traded this Deadline

Despite the incessant rumors about Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman and even Baron Davis, the trade deadline passed Thursday with no moves by the Clippers. 

I'm a little tempted to say "I told you so" since I pointed out that the talk just didn't ring true.  But I've bee wrong so many times, it's more than a little silly to crow about being right once.  It became pretty clear in the last week that Kaman was in a different category than Camby when it was widely reported that Camby was 'untouchable.'  So who know -  maybe they tried and tried to move the guy, and there just weren't any takers.  You never really know what exactly goes on.

Lisa Dillman and Ramona Shelburne both weigh in with their reports on the absence of any news.  Is it my imagination, or is Dillman getting a little more snarky as the season wears on?

Meet the new team, the same as the old team.

And that's a good thing for the Clippers?

A few months as a beat reporter for the Clippers will do that to you. 

Is there any take away from all of this?  Well, I do stand by my analysis of Donald Sterling.  The conventional wisdom in the national press seemed to be that the penny pinching Clippers would be holding a going out of business sale.  But MDsr told anyone who would listen that they weren't in salary dump mode - and he told the Pest that he had plenty of chances to dump salaries.  It's worth noting that the owners hurting the worst right now are the ones with a lot of debt.  DTS isn't a debt kind of guy.  As I've said before, he's a buy and hold guy.  He's made a ton of money on LA real estate during previous downturns by buying properties at the bottom.  This just doesn't strike me as a panic moment for him.  His team sucks - that much is true.  But I suspect he's a lot less worried about the economy than a lot of other owners.  (By the way, this is all pure speculation on my part - I don't really know very much about DTS' holdings.  Anyone smarter than me care to chime in?)

So if they weren't in salary dump mode, then they were looking to make the team better.  It seems they were working the phones, but they just didn't get an offer they liked.  That's cool.  There's no real urgency - there really aren't any contracts that were easier to trade now than they would be in June or even at next year's trade deadline.  So there's no reason to rush into a deal you're lukewarm on. 

And you can certainly cross your fingers and hope that you can get a better deal later.  Both Chris Kaman and Baron Davis have to be pretty close to their trade value floors.  There's no guarantee, but there's a chance (hopefully a better than 50-50 chance) that they'll increase their values at some point.  The irony hear is that Camby was the guy they made untouchable because frankly, he was the guy to trade.  His value is very high, and he's only got one more year on his current contract.  I love Marcus, but he was in pretty high demand, and it seems like some pretty good pieces could have been had for him.  But I'm not sad he's still here.

So no Clippers changed teams, but a who slew of former Clippers did. 

  • It got started a little early for the ex-Clippers when Vladimir Radmanovic was traded to Charlotte for Adam Morrison.
  • Sam Cassell was shipped to Sacramento for nothing and will soon be waived.
  • Chris Wilcox was all over the place.  He went to New Orleans as part of a deal for Tyson Chandler.  Then he went back to Oklahoma City when Chandler failed his physical.  Then he went to New York for Malik Rose (a very interesting trade that may need the salary cap microscope on it). 
  • Tim Thomas went from New York to Chicago for Larry Hughes.
  • And as if that's not enough, Mikki Moore is probably going to be waived in Sacramento. 

Did I miss anybody?  Seems like every trade had a former Clipper in it.