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Gordon versus Westbrook

Just a quick note to point out that, 55 games into the season, Russell Westbrook has scored 828 points and Eric Gordon has scored 826 points.  Of course Westbrook got more minutes sooner in the season, and EJ has been gaining on him ever since.  During the All Star Break I predicted that EJ would catch his fellow, more heralded rookie at game 58 - looks like he may get there sooner. 

But Westbrook isn't the only UCLA guard that Gordon is going to overtake in points per game.  Baron Davis' scoring average is down to 15.3 while Gordon's is up to 15.0.  Unbelievably, Eric Gordon, the 7th pick in the draft, is likely going to have a higher scoring average as a rookie than Baron Davis with his $65M contract.  Talk about your 'good news, bad news' scenario.

By the way, I just noticed something else interesting about this year's Clippers.  The two leading scorers on the team, in terms of total points scored, are second year player Al Thornton and rookie Eric Gordon.  Pretty amazing for a team that was supposed to be loaded with veteran scorers, but Thornton and Gordon are the only guys to have played in every game.  (Dammit, why did I say that?!)