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Chris Kaman - Of the Flu and the Foot

Milph said it on the broadcast; Lisa Dillman mentioned it in her gamer; the AP story even had a reference.  Something about Chris Kaman still being two weeks away from playing; and something about Kaman having the flu.  

Here's what Dillman wrote:

Chris Kaman (injured foot) is still a couple weeks away from returning. Coach Mike Dunleavy said Kaman traveled with the team to Phoenix last week and was making good progress before he suffered a setback, getting hit with a bout of flu.

To which I say, huh?  How does the flu push his return back another two weeks?  Are we waiting for his foot to heal or are we waiting for him to participate in a two full weeks of practice?  Because if it's the former, well I really don't see what the flu has to do with anything.  The best thing for his foot and for his flu is probably rest, right?  And if it's the latter, well, enough already.  We're undoubtedly going to be treated to several weeks of "Well, he hasn't gotten himself back into game shape" excuses even after he does suit up (if indeed that ever happens in this bizarro world where time runs backwards).  

Pushing his return back to the All Star break seemed like a ridiculous precaution at the time.  There are about 8 weeks from the end of the All Star break until the end of the season.  We're already a week past the All Star break.  So this whole "Two more weeks" thing is getting seriously close to "see you next season."  With this latest re-adjustment of his return, we're down to a best case scenario of five weeks of games (with the aforementioned caveats about game shape and limited minutes, etc.). Enough.  Flu schmu.  Get the guy a uniform and get him out there if his foot's OK.  And if his foot's not OK, then don't try to conflate his recovery with the flu.  The flu has nothing to do with his foot.

Sterling's seeming disinterest in the futility of this team plays a role here.  Would MDsr be so willing to let Kaman float around, rather than really pushing him to get on the court, if his job was seriously in jeopardy?  It all seems like a convenient excuse at some level - 

MDsr - Sure our record sucks and the team has lost in embarrassing fashion time and again, but it's not my fault.  Key players are hurt.  Just wait until everyone is healthy before you judge me.  If the team still stinks after everyone is back, then you can fire me.
DTS - When will everyone be back?
MDsr - Well, see , here's the thing.  Kaman's got the flu now.


Enough.  Either get him on the floor, or stop making excuses.  It's way past time.