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Company's Coming Over

As of a few hours ago, ClipsNation posts are being featured prominently on the Clippers page at Yahoo! Sports.  This is part of a partnership between SBNation and Yahoo! in which all of the SBNation content will be integrated in Yahoo! Sports.  Call it SBNation's response to the TrueHoop Network.  For now, it's ClipsNation content on the Clippers page, which is of course huge in and of itself.  Hopefully it will grow to include even more exciting features.  Ball Don't Lie is better than TrueHoop anyway!  (Just kidding - they're both great.)

What does this mean for us, the citizens of ClipsNation?  Well, if things go as planned, it means we can be expecting visitors.  Yahoo! Sports is actually the most trafficked sports web site, by a pretty wide margin, so hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of new virtual faces.  Even if they don't register and become full time citizens, they'll be here.  Based on my sitemeter metrics, they're here already.

And just like mom when company was coming over, I'm asking everyone to be on their best behavior.  ClipsNation is a community, and along with lots of great new community members, we may get a few more trolls and such as well.  I want to make sure that the existing members of the community set the tone.  Let's watch the language (the S-word may be thrown about willy-nilly in England Citizen ClippersUK, but I still frown upon it, even in response to a Baron Davis airball); let's be respectful of one another; in short, let's make sure that the new visitors understand right away the proper way to behave in ClipsNation.