The Clips Nation Glossary

As with any close knit community, we have developed some short hand around here. Here are some of the more common, less obvious terms that get tossed around on Clips Nation. Let me know in the comments if there are terms you've seen and found confusing that should be added. Frankly, I'm torn on semi-common abbreviations like 'CBA' (Collective Bargaining Agreement) and eFG% (effective Field Goal percentage) - my intent is for this to be a glossary specific to Clips Nation, but let me know how best you think it can be used.

Blanket - A moniker for former Clipper Cuttino Mobley. The nickname derived from MDsr's tendency to rely heavily on Cat as a security item, like Linus and his blanket. Mobley's no longer here, but we'll no doubt continue to refer to the Blanket from time to time.

Citizens - Members of the Clips Nation community, just continuing the whole 'Nation' meme.

ClipperMax - ClipperSteve's 14 year old son.

ClipperWidow - ClipperSteve's betrothed, from the start of the NBA regular season until the Clippers are eliminated from the playoffs. We've been married a long time, but playoffs haven't been much of a problem.

ClipperWife - ClipperSteve's betrothed, from the Clippers elimination until the start of the next regular season.

ClipperZoe - ClipperSteve's 11 year old daughter.

EJ - Not a real stretch, but it causes confusion at times. Clipper Eric Gordon is named after his father, so he's really Eric Gordon, Jr. Since his youth, he's been known as EJ, Eric Junior. That's why you'll see him referred to as EJ here, not EG.

Falked - Getting Falked is what happens when you have to deal with agent David Falk. Or as FElton gushingly calls him "the bestest agent in the whole world."

F-DEC - Foreign Dude with an Expiring Contract. There were two F-DEC's on the 2006-2007 Clippers, Zeljko Rebraca and Yaroslav Korolev. Sadly they are no longer Clippers, but the F-DEC acronym lives on, because it conveys so much. The fact that they were both foreign and dudes just makes an acronym too hard to resist.

FElton - This nickname does not refer to Raymond Felton of the Charlotte Bobcats. Instead, it is used to refer to former Clipper Elton Brand, who took the money and ran to Philadelphia after agreeing in principal to a new deal with the Clippers. I hope the nickname is self-explanatory, because we try to keep the bad language to a minimum around here.

FSM - The Flying Spaghetti Monster, who created the universe with his noodly appendage.

Kaman 2.0 - Kaman 2.0 is the enhanced version of Chris Kaman, with all the new and efficient features. He rebounds! He blocks shots! He shoots a high percentage! He finishes with authority around the basket! Unfortunately, Kaman 2.0 was only available for half a season in 07-08. Apparently it was a little buggy.

MBFGC - My Big Fat Greek Center, Sofoklis Schortsianitis. The Clippers second round draft pick in 2003, 34th overall, he is now 23 years old and playing for the top professional team in Greece, Olympiakos. He was impressive against NBA level opposition in the 2006 World Championships in Japan, playing a major role off the bench in Greece's Silver Medal performance. Nicknamed both Baby Shaq and the Greek Shaq, he is a very big dude, though shorter than his listed 6'11". I'd say he's closer to 6'9". However, he is astoundingly fast and quick for someone his size, and he is a great scorer in the low post, with a nose for the basket and the ability to use his size to his advantage. Sofo finally played for the Clippers in Summer League in 2010, but the audition was less than ideal (Summer League is not a post player's environment) and Sofo returned to Europe without an NBA contract offer. It appears highly unlikely that he will ever play for the Clippers at this point.

MDsr - Mike Dunleavy Sr. Clippers' former head coach. I use MDsr for two reasons. (1) it's shorter, and of course he gets referenced a lot. (2) ballhype picks up the RSS feed of this site, and automatically adds pictures to posts. If I refer to Mike Dunleavy Sr, it adds a picture of Mike Dunleavy Jr. I got tired of seeing his face next to my words, so I avoid using the coach's full name at all costs.

Milph - Shorthand to refer to the Clippers broadcast announcers, Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith simultaneously. I didn't make it up. During a broadcast in 2008, Mike Smith explained that Brevin Knight's first name was an amalgam of his parents' names - Brenda and Kevin, or whatever. So he decided that the two of them should be referred to as Milph - Mike blended with Ralph. Given the fact that Smith has 10 kids, he has proven over the years that his wife... OK, I won't go there. I'm still not sure if Smith, the Mormon, had any idea what he was really saying.

Mr. Flippy - Mr. Flippy is Chris Kaman's frustrating alter ego. Mr. Flippy is the guy who decides to go for the lefty reverse layup when he had an easy dunk.

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