The Nuclear Option: Isiah

Ok, so I'm just reading the Isiah GM rumors and I'm shocked beyond words.  If this were to happen, then I'm done with this franchise.  Never mind renewing season tickets, I will never watch another Clippers game again.  As a matter of fact, I will be tempted to put my fist through every TV screen showing a Clippers game.

Is this Dunleavy's ruse to freak out the fans and remind us that there are worst alternatives than him?  After all, the articles seem to suggest that it was Dunleavy who set up the meeting between Isiah and Sterling.  Perhaps all of us have underestimated Dunleavy.  Perhaps he is much more than inept, he might be one of those rare, truly evil men (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot) who plans nefarious deeds for the satisfaction of seeing everything burn, wither, and die.  Ok, maybe he's not that evil, but he's at least on par with Manson or Charles Starkweather.

At any rate, bringing in Isiah is the equivalent of calling in a nuclear strike on your own position.  The devastation would be total and there won't be a soul left standing.  With a franchise as moribound as the Clippers, this can be construed as a good thing, I suppose. 

We Clippers fans are gluttons for punishment.  We've taken alot over the years.  But this might be the greatest indignity of all.  It just might be the final fatal blow. 

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