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Step Away From the Ledge, Clips Nation

Isiah is apparently not getting hired by the Clippers any time soon.

With rumors flying all around, Lisa Dillman of the LA Times, despite the paper not paying for her to actually travel with the team she covers, got on the phone and asked the questions that we can't.

Turns out, it wasn't so much the Clippers having an interest in Isiah Thomas - it was Isiah Thomas having an interest in the Clippers. 

Thomas is doing what he can to try to get back into the game, and with his daughter set to attend Loyola Marymount, he offered to work for the Clippers without getting paid because he is still receiving money from the Knicks, Dunleavy said.

The Clippers were sympathetic to Thomas' overtures.

"Isiah came to us," Dunleavy said in a telephone interview Thursday morning. "I wasn't going to be a jerk and say, 'I can't talk to you.' But there's no position in the organization for him."

She goes through some of the other rumors as well, like Ronnie Lester and Jerry West.  But those season ticket holders who were adamant with club president Andy Roeser that MDsr should be fired won't be happy with this Roeser quote:

This whole thing is completely blown out of proportion.  Mike's our GM, and Mike's our coach. Our basketball staff is working well together and we're not looking to make any changes.

Of course it wouldn't be the first time that a team executive obfuscated with a reporter, but that's quite a statement.  "We're not looking to make any changes."  Um, why not?  You've got 18 wins.  If I were you, I'd be looking to make some changes.

Still, Randy Pfund, Jerry West, Ronnie Lester, Isiah Thomas.  Where there's smoke, there's usually fire.  They may not have the nerve to pull the trigger (and watch MDsr collect another $11M without working for them), but they're looking around.