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Welcome to NBA 2K9 - Z-Bo Tweets "I Want Out"

UPDATE:  It's fake.  According to Clippers press relations, this is a fake Tweet.

Let's do the housekeeping first.

1) There's no way I know of to know if this is actually Zach Randolph.  We'll have to wait for him to confirm or deny it.

2) Massive hat tip to PhoenixStan at Bright Side of the Sun, who is the king of the NBA twitter-sphere, no doubt partly because Shaq is the emperor of the entire twitter-sphere.

About an hour ago, which is to say about 3 and a half hours before the team is due to tip off against the Spurs, the twitter account @ZBO50 sent this tweet:

i want out ya'll. any ideas? lets marbury this mother f up


Now for the caveats:

Like I said, I don't know if this is real.  I hesitate to even post it, but then again, it's on BSotS already, and it's going to get talked about. 

Even if it's not him, the phenomenon of people pretending to be famous people on Twitter is interesting.

If it is him... well, tweeting your trade demand is just too bizarre for words.  Not that he would do it per se (although that is certainly a strange route).  But that's it exists as an option.  I mean, plugging that information directly into the social media network in some wacky 140 character message - no agents, no press people.  Just characters in the ether, soon to be disseminated to the furthest reaches of the universe.  What a world.

By the way, anyone out there have any clever ways of verifying twitter identities?

Stay tuned.