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Shaun Livingston to the Thunder?

According to SBNation's Thunder blog, Welcome to Loud City, Oklahoma City is planning to have former Clipper Shaun Livingston make the hour drive from Tulsa to OKC and join the NBA team.  If it turns out to be true, there's little doubt that Livingston would close out the season with the Thunder and would therefore be with them for the Clippers' season finale on April 15th in Staples Center. 

I haven't seen this call up verified anywhere, but Scott from Ridiculous Upside thinks it makes sense, as do I.  I assume we're just waiting for some paperwork to get processed.  [Note by ClipperSteve, 03/31/09 2:15 PM PDT ]  It's official now.  Not only that, they've actually signed Livingston to a multi-year deal.  The story does not include any details of Livingston's contract.

The Thunder may be looking for the inside track on Liv's services next year.  He makes some sense for them - Westbrook is a small scoring guard really, while Shaun is a big point guard.  Outside shooting would be a big issue with that backcourt, but defensively, if Shaun can get all the way back, they could be monstrous.  If they get comfortable that he's OK, they've got tons of cap space and probably wouldn't mind handing him a small guaranteed contract before he hits the open market this summer.