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New Features on Clips Nation

The tech team at SB Nation has been working hard to improve the platform.  Early this morning they released a new set of features that are really amazing.  Considering how great I thought everything was already, it's almost unbelievable how special these new features are.

For you citizens, the new features to pay attention to are:

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures - Belonging to a big network has it's advantages.  SBNation now has a license agreement with the AP and Getty for images.  I will be able to add AP wire photos to posts with the click of the mouse.  So ClipsNation just got a lot more visual.  You can also roll over the image and browse through others available, filtered by the tags for the post (like Clippers, or a tagged player, etc.)  Cool.
  • Team pages - The new release also includes a team overview page.  How is the Clippers team overview page different from the front page of Clips Nation?  Well, see for yourself.  It exists at a level removed from CN - aggregating content from across SBNation as well as other information like statistics and injury news.  You can of course still get to all of ClipperSteve's front page posts from there, as well as FanPosts and FanShots.  But if another SBNation blogger decides to write about the Clippers, you can easily find it from the Clippers page.
  • Player Pages - Similarly, SBNation player pages aggregate everything on the network pertaining to a particular player.  Check out the Baron Davis page to get an idea.  (As you can see, they're still obsessed with Baron at GSoM.)
  • Game Pages - We now have access to full box scores within SB Nation as well as more extensive stats.  In addition, game pages will aggregate network wide content about an individual game the way team and player pages collect information about those things.  Check out the page for last week's Clippers-Wizards game to see the content from Clips Nation and the content from Bullets Forever together in one place

I encourage everyone to play around with these new features.  I'm still learning them myself, quite frankly.  But in the case of the Team, Player and Game pages, you have as much access to them as I do so get out there and check them out.  If you used to use Clips Nation as your blog fix, but kept a window open at ESPN or Yahoo! for news, stats, scoreboards, whatever, well these new features give you most of that information in one place.  And as all the bloggers get better at using tags and pictures network-wide, the features are going to become even more rich. 

I'm not sure the Clippers have earned this blog, but they get it nonetheless.