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Donald Sterling's Tirade in the Clippers Locker Room

Earlier today, Citizen RichardSP located and posted a link to a story in a Cleveland blog about Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling loudly and profanely upbraiding the players in the locker room Monday night after they lost to San Antonio.  At the time, it seemed strange that no one else had gotten wind of the story, like maybe an LA reporter.

Well, in his recap of the Memphis game, LA Times reporter Ben Bolch corroborates the locker room tirade.  Unfortunately for the 'fire Dunleavy' crowd, according to Bolch Sterling gave his full support to MDsr, placing the blame for this dismal season completely on the players.

According to team sources, Sterling offered a blanket denunciation of the players and strongly backed Coach and General Manager Mike Dunleavy. The owner said he would be willing to trade all the players and said he was putting their future in Dunleavy's hands.

This would seem to be at odds with the reports of the season ticket holder meeting Andy Roeser held, were the implication was that MDsr's job was far from safe.

I don't have much to say about this right now, but I thought I'd get the issue out there.