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The SB Nation NBA Playoff Hub

Even though the Clippers aren't in the playoffs, you can still get your blog fix.  Of course, we'll be discussing relevant issues here at Clips Nation throughout the off-season (the off-season is really the bread and butter of a blog, when the rest of the media ceases covering the team completely, although in the Clippers case it's a minor distinction).  But beyond Clipper minutia, if you prefer your NBA playoffs served with lots of bloggy freshness, there's also the SB Nation Playoff hub.

The SB Nation NBA coverage has been steadily increasing all season, and with the additions of Motown String Music (the Pistons) and Silver Screen and Roll (the Lakers) just prior to the beginning of the post-season, all 16 NBA playoff teams have an SB Nation team blog at this point.  If you're looking for an alternative to the same-old wire story recaps at or Sportsline, the Playoff hub is the place to go.  There's a sidebar widget on the right of Clips Nation, so it's easy to get to the Playoff hub and even to individual posts from here.

Unfortunately, it seems that perhaps the Clipper curse is attached to the fans and not just the franchise.  Just look at what happened to the Blazers in Game One after we adopted them as our playoff team.  Sorry about that, Blazer's Edge.  We'll start rooting for the Rockets and see if we can even out the curse effect.